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The stunning complexity of search engine marketing & web design can raise many questions.  Spectral Vision answers all the questions that other SEO agencies do not want to tell you because trust and understanding is something we aim for with all of our clients. 

How Long Will It Take To Build A New Website?

Typically, we can build a new, fully optimized and responsive web site in under 45 days.  What sets us apart from other agencies is that we take our time to create a compelling and polished website. We pay attention to the slightest details from color schemes to advanced conversion tracking implementation.  The effort put into our projects reflects nothing short of creating an online masterpiece that you can be proud to have represent your business.

Is it guaranteed that my website will make money with SEO?

Every website and industry is unique and the results may vary.  We are certain that a beautiful, fully optimized website has a high chance of generating revenue.  We can provide historic data and metrics to compare and forecast potential earnings as part of our free consultation.

Why should I upgrade my website?

Many reputable sources believe a company should update their website every two to three years.

How much does SEO cost?

Pricing my vary depending on the type of business and the scope of work. We are very competitive and transparent with our fee’s and will provide and will work with you to determine what needs done in order to build you an amazing website you can be proud of.  We are certain that all our deliverables will exceed your expectations!  Please review our baseline pricing to get a ball park idea of the costs

How long does SEO take to work?

 Organic SEO efforts may take 3-6 months before you notice your domain authority score rise. SEO is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to increase your ranking when it comes to SEO. While it is a challenging process, there is no concrete answer as to which day it actually works. Even though many business owners anticipate how long they will to benefit from the results. If a business owner wishes to take an aggressive approach to search engine marketing, we recommend that they use Google PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns in tandem with organic SEO efforts in order to increase the likelihood of immediate results.

How cost effective is SEO?

Oher forms of advertisements are short term, and can be good for making money, but SEO is a great long-term investment. The only way to make long term, cost effective, reliable income is through the process of search engine optimization


Why do I need so much content for? I use Yelp as a main source?

Facebook ads are great for brand awareness campaigns and targeting specific audiences.  We have discovered that most campaigns have a tough time with sales and conversions because people are not specifically searching for your product or service.  Someone on google entering a query such as, “Commercial plumbing services near me” has shown a high amount of interest in these services versus a person seeing a paid advertisement on their Facebook feed regarding commercial plumbing services.  Our goal is to direct hot traffic sources of people ready to spend money to your website.


How come you guys don't use Facebook Ads?

It’s a good rule of thumb to never put all your eggs in one basket.  The intelligent marketing approach would be to spread your efforts out evenly and measure the results.  Yelp is great, but many of our clients complain that they spend lots of money and lose their reviews over time or when they scale back their ad-spend


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Our experts are trained to help you and answer any questions that you may have with PPC and social media marketing.  Please contact us and we will be always happy to help.

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